Explore the wonders of Chaguaramas
The Chaguaramas peninsula at Trinidad’s north-western tip is 20 minutes from Port-of-Spain’s Cruise Ship Complex. The area is known for its beach-front boardwalk, scenic bays, sheltered harbours, lush greenery, recreational & sporting facilities and nature trails. It boasts attractions for the water sport enthusiast as well as the adventurer and eco-tourist.
Gasparee Caves Tour

An extraordinary cave system filled with stalactites and stalagmites on one of the offshore islands – Gaspar Grande. See the natural wonders, sinkholes, a crystal pool that shimmers like glass, reflecting the colours of the light that filter through the cave.

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Edith Falls Tour

An awe-inspiring waterfall in an exotic rainforest: bamboo clusters, colourful flora, heliconias, rubber trees and fishtail palms - a must for nature lovers.

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Macqueripe Trail Adventure

Delight in the beauty of nature. A nature trail that affords breathtaking views of Tucker Valley and the North Coast.

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Covigne Nutmeg Vale Adventure

Savour the peaceful ambiance of Covigne Nutmeg groves where the majestic mushroom-like trees at Samaan Park have stood as sentinels for many years.

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