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The Boardwalk– creating a space for commerce, recreation and social engagement

A boardwalk is a wooden walkway for pedestrians, and sometimes, vehicles. Often found along Beaches, they are convenient ways of providing a safe, easy walk, free from dirt.  They also serve as beachfront entertainment decks and recreational walking tracks as well as provide family entertainment and outdoor dining within a secured environment. 

But moreso they have been used to create commercial districts along waterfronts where conventional streets would have been more expensive. 

Discerning the strengths of boardwalks, CDA felt it imperative to construct one as it will provide the needs identified above as well as provide a myriad of opportunities for small and medium sized businesses along the shores of the Peninsula.

It also forms part of a wider developmental plan designed to bring much needed improvements to the Chagville Beach facilities. With the completion of Phase 1 of the 1125 feet completed Boardwalk from Williams Bay heading east, Phase two (2) involves the construction of an additional 3,000 feet from the end point of Phase 1 to the Tembladora while Phase 3 involves the construction of 1000 feet from Pier 2 to the Museum.

This experience will be further enhanced by the simultaneous resanding of the beaches alongside the Broadwalk. This strategic move is in keeping with CDA’s efforts to continuously enhance the Peninsula’s beach facilities and their surroundings to better accommodate the local public and tourists.

At the commencement of construction on August 15, 2011, CDA’s Acting CEO Joycelin Hargreaves made it clear why Phase I of the Boardwalk project began at Williams Bay Beach.

“Williams Bay is an area which has become one of the most popular sea bathing and recreational locations in Trinidad and Tobago, and attracts thousands of visitors year round. CDA is committed to ensuring that our vision is accomplished. A vision that seeks to have CDA become the premier provider of the ultimate customer experience.

“We will not waiver in such responsibilities and will continue to ensure all our stakeholders, the citizens of Trinidad and Tobago, remain confident in our abilities to preserve the peninsula as well as make it a region for the enjoyment of all,” said Hargreaves.

Paramount importance has been placed on the boardwalk project since it is consistent with the Government’s National Policy Framework within the context of the following two developmental pillars: Economic Transformation and Action For a Thriving Economy and a Sustainable Future.

Within these two pillars, the Boardwalk will serve in producing an enabling environment for growth under these two pillars, the Boardwalk presents a platform for tourism development as well as serves in producing an enabling environment for growth and expansion of locally-owned businesses. This will result in the creation of sustainable employment opportunities for our people and aid in the sustainable growth and diversification of the economy.

The Boardwalk also falls firmly within the Ministry of Planning and the Economy’s Medium-Term Policy Framework. Central to this is the development of new growth centres across the
country and the Boardwalk’s construction at Williams Bay and supporting infrastructure have already started generating a significant number of jobs in construction and services.

Apart from lending itself to the above objectives by the creation of spaces for business investment opportunities, entrepreneurial initiatives, creation and social engagement, and its obvious potential of generating high income for its self-sustainability, the Boardwalk has indeed transformed the North Western coastline to one that is aesthetically pleasing.

It’s unique beauty and attraction certainly gives the people of this nation a taste of what lies ahead for Chaguaramas as the Boardwalk represents that springboard for further structured development of the peninsula in 2012 and beyond.

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